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Useful Travel Accessories to Carry During a Long Haul Flight

If you are an insatiable world wanderer, there are few things that you love more than landing in a far-flung part of the world. To reach far-flung corners of this world, you need a long haul flight. Luckily, there are products that you can use to make your long flight comfortable. Here are some of the essential travel accessories that you should carry when going on a long haul flight.


This is a great distraction device to carry when going on a long haul flight. With this accessory, you can play a video game, watch a movie or do anything else that will keep you busy during the flight. It is lightweight and it enables you to keep in touch when traveling. To enhance the experience, carry a portable keyword alongside an iPad.


Although you can read books using your iPad, you might find the backlight of its screen more straining. An E-reader provides a better alternative. It uses electronic ink instead of a backlit screen. It does this while allowing you access to different titles. However, most models require external light or cabin light to view the screen.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you prefer listening to music, slipping into slumber, or watching a movie, noise cancelling headphones will make drowning out the background sounds easy. Some of them are Bluetooth compatible. Thus, you can connect them to your device even without additional cords.

Sleeping Mask

To use noise cancelling headphones better when sleeping, use a sleeping mask. This reduces the risk of having puffy eyes while rejuvenating your skin. They keep light out while sleeping.

Travel Socks

The plane that you fly in can be cold. This makes having a warm, good pair of socks important. Socks maintain the warmth of your feet while preventing swelling of the legs.

If you intend to go on a long haul flight, carry these accessories to make the experience better.